Augmented World Expo (AWE) '13

I recently got the opportunity to attend AWE ‘13 to demonstrate ARPool and give a talk. The conference was very cool, it was awesome to interact with people working on similar ideas and get inspired by their successes. I even got to try out Google Glass!

I am particularly excited about the “How To” applications of Augmented Reality, like one of the keynotes said we’re not quite at the matrix learn to fly this helicopter level but we are moving towards that direction.

ARPool was really popular and I had a great time sharing it with everyone, we also got a lot of nice press coverage - hopefully this helps us find a commercial partner!

ABC News: Demonstration Interview

AWE Talk

USA Today


PC Advisor

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Open Sourced a bunch of Robot Code today!

I cleaned up and released all our code for the 2013 FRC season. It’s not crazy documented or anything but this was the code that was on our robot so maybe it will help somebody.

Also check out our scouting database using python, tkinter, sqlite3, numpy and matplotlib. It worked great for our scouting needs this year and more importantly the students who worked on it became pretty proficient with some important tools!

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