"Free" WiFi (rant)

There’s a reason free is in quotations.

On the front page of my website I vaguely promised some rants and I realized that until now I have not delivered on this promise.

Well here we go.

I am getting super sick of the status of WiFi when I’m abroad/travelling. Free does not mean 10 minutes of browsing, Free does not mean I have to make an account or download an app, Free does not mean you’ll send me a password by SMS - if I could just use my phone then I probably wouldn’t need the damn WiFi. For Fucks sakes just use a simple open network and be done with it! WiFi is to our generation what phones were to the last - note how many places offer a courtesy phone or how reasonably priced pay phones are? When’s the last time someone asked to use your phone and you said no? (especially for businesses) It’s how we communicate now and people generally need to communicate when they travel.

People need WiFi when they travel. period. lets just give it to them.

Also if you say you have free WiFi and then it turns out I have to “pay” for it then F!#@ you

Also if you are going to charge then offer a good service at least, half the time my devices have a hard time connecting to the network and then when they do it takes forever for your initial “please pay me now” page to load. Get It Together.

I’d like to end with acknowledging Starbucks for their no-nonsense, BS free, legit Free Wifi. Thanks Starbucks you’ve helped me (and others too I’m sure) out of some tough spots.