Tax Receipts for Shopify!

A few days ago I launched a free app for Shopify. The app automates the process of sending customers tax receipts for their donations to your non-profit Shopify store. It’s a pretty cool little app - I think it is a really good example of how to build a simple piece of automation using webhooks. I fully open sourced the code here:

so have a look!

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New (ish) Shogun Website!

I haven’t had time for much machine learning on the side as my new job and learning more about web development has been keeping me pretty busy so I decided to help out the Shogun team by doing some clean-up on the website. The whole thing actually came about because I was trying to find the current status of the shogun build to send to someone on the mailing list and I couldn’t find it on the old site, needless to say it was tough to navigate. My main goal with the re-design was to “flatten” the navigation into a navbar rather then the current system of nested navigation links (as an aside the way this worked was pretty poor, we actually queried a large portion of the database on every page load just to make this nested navigation auto-generated). The project ended up being mostly front-end which isn’t really my thing but it’s cool cause I got to learn some new stuff, I also got to write some Django “migrations” and maintenance tasks so there was a bit of backend too. I think the re-design was a success and the site is definitely easier to navigate around (as a bonus now we don’t have to query the whole db on each page wooo! - solution put the navbar content in the db too!)

you can see the new site live where it’s always been:

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Do you use your inbox as a running ToDo list? Do you send yourself emails so you remember to do certain things? Do you spend most of your day in a terminal? If you answered yes to all 3 of those questions then you might be interested in this nifty little ruby gem  I just released. It’s called gmail_todo and it’s made for quickly emailing yourself a ToDo note from the command line, think of the precious seconds you’ll save! Now when you remember something you need to do and you are in a terminal rather than alt-tabbing (or god forbid reaching for the mouse) you can quickly type todo "get milk" and voila an email will appear in your inbox. As an added bonus my gem prepends [ToDo] to your subject for easy filtering!

Check it out on Github and RubyGems:

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