Becoming a Web Developer at Shopify

Now that Grad School is over I’m moving on to the next exciting chapter of my career - I’m joining a great company called Shopify in the fall and I am going to be working as a Web Developer! I’m quite excited, in fact so excited I took a course from Udacity to get up to speed on some Web Dev basics.

CS 253 Web Development - Building a Blog with Steve Huffman (for those who don’t know this is the guy who started Reddit so he might know a thing or two about building websites) was a really great course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a thing or two about the web. I also really liked Steve’s teaching style - while he did a great job explaining things simply he also wasn’t afraid to show how he really works i.e. in the terminal and using Linux/Unix commands etc. The course could have easily hidden all of this away but I think it was important to show - using windows and gui’s just isn’t how people work in this industry so why should the course be taught like so? Good job Steve for keeping it real!

Taking the class was really worthwhile as it helped tie together a bunch of knowledge I had accumulated randomly over the years and it helped make some sense of some of the Django hacking I did once upon a time(I say hacking because I got stuff to work but didn’t totally understand everything).

Here is my hard-earned certificate! I completed the course with High Distinction meaning I did all the homework, the final and the bonus question!

I also pushed all my code to my GitHub account: