KBotics takes home the Chairman's Award at FLR!!!!

This past weekend KBotics competed at the Finger Lakes Regional in Rochester NY. We were super happy with our robots performance: we lost in the quarter final to the alliance that ended up being crowned regional champs!

The big news from the weekend though is that we won the Chairman’s Award! To quote First:

“The Chairman’s Award represents the spirit of FIRST.  It honors the team that, in the judges’ estimation, best represents a model for other teams to emulate. It embodies the goals and mission of FIRST.  It remains our most prestigious award.”

Pretty dang sweet! Along with the most prestigious award comes the coveted blue banner (the first for KBotics) and a ticket to the World Championship in St. Louis!

You can read more on the KBotics Blog:






Also we strapped the GoPro to our robot and human player etc. for some really sweet robot footage - stay tuned for some sweet videos!

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Linux Install-Fest!

I haven’t had the chance to blog anything about it yet but for a while now I’ve been involved with the Kingston Linux Users Group (KLUG) http://kingston.motd.org/. It’s a small but growing group and we recently hosted an Install-Fest event to try and introduce new users to Linux and to increase our group’s size.

It was a fun experience to plan an event and something new to me that I’d never done in my almost six years at Queen’s. I had to book a room through event services (Ellis 327 one of the only rooms with power outlets at the desks!) while other members of KLUG applied for a grant and advertised the event. One thing that I really found amazing was the power of Facebook as an advertising tool, by simply posting in relevant groups from Queen’s I was able to reach quite a wide audience and it didn’t cost me anything! We also had an add on the radio and in the campus news papers.

Canonical and Red Hat sponsored the event with live CDs and stickers which were both a hit. We also made some slick light-scribe live CDs of our own:


The event itself was a success - we had about 25 - 30 people attend and try/install Linux and I think we’ve gained some new users to our group. I gave a quick presentation at the start and I hope everyone learned a little bit more about computers.


I’m looking forward to planning more events with KLUG and continuing to spread the good word about Linux!

Final photo of some new users at the event

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