Queen's ECE Open House and 4th year project demos

It’s sure been a busy week for my Blog but so much cool stuff happened this week!

This afternoon I went to the Queen’s Electrical and Computer Engineering open house where the 4th year projects were on display. I was very impressed by the quality of the projects this year absolutely top notch stuff!!!!

It was really nice to see the projects this year because I knew and taught a lot of the students who are graduating. I had also been advising several groups throughout the completion of their projects. What made me really happy was to see my “influence” on the graduating class - thanks to the Computer Vision class many groups used OpenCV and other open source software in their projects as opposed to C# and MatLab, some groups even used Linux to develop their code instead of Windows! One project in particular changed from using C# and the Microsoft Kinect SDK for face tracking and blink detection to use OpenCV Haar Cascades and Eigenface thanks to my ELEC 474 lab!

All my best wished to ECE ‘13!