Just Finished my 2 first massive open online courses (MOOCs)

A while back I heard that Stanford was going to offer 3 of their 4th year / grad level computer science courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Databases for free over the internet. This sounded like an opportunity not to be missed so I signed up for AI and Machine Learning. I’m not going to lie these courses kind of pushed my work load over the limit for the term as I was also enrolled in 2 graduate classes at my own university but it was totally worth it! So much learning!!!

Both classes were fantastic but I think I have to hand it to Machine Learning for being the single best class I’ve ever taken. I think it was the superbly done programming assignments that really made that class!

I want to post my hard-earned Statements of Accomplishment for these two amazing courses:



I really hope there are more classes like this in the future and that other Universities take note of the success Stanford had with this experiment. This could be the future of education!!!