2015 a Year in Review

2015 was a pretty awesome year full of new experiences, growth and accomplishments. It marked my second year of working in software professionally and school seems like a faint memory at this point. Shopify, the company where I work, IPO’d this summer which was an exciting and [possibly] once in a lifetime experience. I think this kind of post is worth doing to reflect before simply setting our sights on the next goal. So here it is my year in review in bullet points:


  • Barcelona for FullStack Fest
  • Stockholm Sweden for Nordic.js
  • Paris France (for just over 24 hours but we saw a lot!)
  • Helsinki Finland for Junction 2015
  • Costa Rica for vacation
  • Peru for a vacation and to hike the Inca Trail!

Sports and Fitness

  • new PR squating at 255 lbs for 1 (although now I’m injured as I write this and my squat is low :sadface:)
  • ran 3k in 12:35 (mm::ss)
  • made a lot of improvement in mobility (I can now touch my toes!)
  • I discovered and became addicted to Yoga Tune Up which has really helped support my other fitness goals


  • I played my first season of competitive Ultimate with Swift
  • I attended 3 away tournaments with Swift in Toronto, New York and Barrie finishing our season at No Borders in Ottawa.
  • We didn’t win a lot of games (we were essentially the C team) but we did beat Goose when it counted!
  • I played in my first beach tournament ever!

Side Projects

New Tech