Installing Google Chrome in Arch Linux

Download the package from the Arch User Repository (aur)


untar the package and “make” it

tar -xvf google-chrome.tar.gz

cd google-chrome

makepkg -s

At this point my install gave me a 404 file not found. The problem as I understand it (remember still farily new to Arch here) is that the Arch package is trying to download a version that of chrome from google that they are no longer hosting. Google puts out new versions of chrome all the time and it auto-updates so continually updating this installer is probably low priority for the Arch community.

What I did to fix this was edit the PKGBUILD file, I commented out the line


and replaced it with:


*note you might need to make it _i386.rpm instead of x86_64.rpm depedending on your system.

Running makepkg -s again gave me a validation error because the md5sums did not match. I was able to get around this by running:

makepkg -si –skipinteg

After it finishes making the package run:

sudo pacman -U google-chrome-24.0.1312.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz (or your version)

Voila working Google Chrome!

I went on to also install the aur packages for chrome-updater and google-talkplugin but they were straight forward with no issues.

Thats how I did it, if anyone has a better way or if I commited any big no-no’s let me know in the comments below!