New (ish) Shogun Website!

I haven’t had time for much machine learning on the side as my new job and learning more about web development has been keeping me pretty busy so I decided to help out the Shogun team by doing some clean-up on the website. The whole thing actually came about because I was trying to find the current status of the shogun build to send to someone on the mailing list and I couldn’t find it on the old site, needless to say it was tough to navigate. My main goal with the re-design was to “flatten” the navigation into a navbar rather then the current system of nested navigation links (as an aside the way this worked was pretty poor, we actually queried a large portion of the database on every page load just to make this nested navigation auto-generated). The project ended up being mostly front-end which isn’t really my thing but it’s cool cause I got to learn some new stuff, I also got to write some Django “migrations” and maintenance tasks so there was a bit of backend too. I think the re-design was a success and the site is definitely easier to navigate around (as a bonus now we don’t have to query the whole db on each page wooo! - solution put the navbar content in the db too!)

you can see the new site live where it’s always been: