New ARPool Website is Live!

In prep for our big show of ARPool at the Augmented World Expo 2013 (AWE) in Santa Clara California I got the okay to re-do the website a bit. Now I’m a far-cry from a front-end engineer (just have never had enough time to learn!) but I am pretty stoked with what I put together in a couple of hours.

Thanks to these great weekly events called Queen’s Hacks where a bunch of us get together and work on cool side projects I’d been exposed to Twitter Bootstrap, which is essentially the quintessential css and js library for building a modern website / web app. Big shout out to Twitter for this awesome tool and an even bigger shout out for making it open source! Go Twitter!

Anyways I am pretty hack and slash when it comes to css and js so I don’t have anything neat to report other than to say hey check out this flashy new site I made!