Dear Resident Evil 6 Developers

This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to write a real video game review/critique, why is this? because I’ve been a fan of RE since I was a kid and its one of my favourite franchises. While I will say I liked RE6 the game left me very frustrated and I need to talk about it.

RE is increasingly suffering from an identity crisis, is it a survival game? is it an action game? it’s getting more cinematic but at the same time someone is pushing to add more gamification. These goals are kind of at odds, you can’t just smash them all together and expect it to work.

Action vs. Survival I think going for a bit more action than the early games is fine and in my opinion you had the right balance in RE4, since then things have gotten weird. Melee seems to have gotten way more important to the extent that I’m using it when it doesn’t even make sense (this is detracting from the cinematic feel too). The mutations have also got a bit out of hand and I feel like I’m being penalized for headshots - shooting zombies in the face is one of the reasons I play RE. Most importantly the ammo conservation system is now broken, in RE4 I felt in control of my ammo supply and I could conserve in easy situations, in RE6 I felt like I was always scrambling but not in a good way. Finally when you gave enemies real guns it kind of tossed the ammo conservation aspect out the window - some guy is shooting at me but I have no ammo so I’m gonna run and punch him in the face what? (not very cinematic either..)

Cinematic vs. Gamification  The gamification is at odds with the cinematic grandeur of the game - I should have my gun raised looking intently at the next door or checking my back but instead I’m looking down at the guy whose brain I just stomped hoping to god that he drops some ammo so I’m not totally screwed in the next room - and then guess what he drops experience, fucking experience. My memories of RE6 should include the epic boss battles or being startled by a surprise monster but instead I remember running around after killing everything picking up swag and kicking boxes in looking for crap. Tell whoever is pushing the gamification to shove it and make the game epic!


  • Reduce/Remove the item drops, it makes the game less cinematic. Same goes for skill points just calculate it somehow
  • Melee is sick don't get me wrong but it should be used when it makes sense (think cinematic)
  • The mutations and enemy variants made sense in RE4, no need to one up it
  • I like shooting zombies in the face!
  • If enemies have guns we need more ammo

P.S. I just bought RE4 HD for PC and I am pumped!

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