Book Review: Android Application Programming with OpenCV

I was asked to do another book review for Packt Publishing which I announced a little while ago. I’ve been pretty busy with my new job (which is awesome! I’ll probably make a post about it and all the stuff I’ve learned soon!) but I eventually finished giving the book a quick read through.

It was a good book! I wish I’d had the time to follow along and make my own app but unfortunately I didn’t have time. The book has lots of detail and screenshots to guide you through making your own app which is helpful for working with more graphical type things like Eclipse. I think this book would save a developer looking to get started with Android and OpenCV a lot of time and remember people time is money (money you could spend on this book). Reading the book really made me want to start an Android OpenCV project, I think the mobility of the platform makes it so much more fun! To think all my computer vision projects have been tied to a desktop or a best a laptop until now is such a shame.

I think I like this model of offering premium lessons and documentation at a price and as long as it stays clearly on the premium side and not “a pay to even get docs” situation I think it’s a good way to get some money back into Open Source and the people who make it happen. Packt does it right too paying some of the highest royalties of any publisher of IT books.

tl;dr If you’re planning on doing some OpenCV Android development buy this book - it will undoubtedly pay for itself in time savings

You can get the book here:

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